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Used Metal Working & Fabrication Machinery

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The market for used metal working and fabrication machinery is huge. Especially sense it spans many decades of time and application types. Here, we will primarily talk about commercial applications. Such as metal stamping presses, CNC machining centers or turning centers, coil handling feed equipment and support equipment. Support equipment can be die handlers, forklifts, overhead bridge cranes, jib cranes, coil handlers and so on.

In the year 2008, we all saw a pretty big hit to the metal industry as consumer demand took a nose dive.  The automotive industry was hit hard. This, in turn, affected stamping plants to machine shops.  Auctions popped up all over the place and used metal working machinery was almost hard to sell.  Nobody wanted it and prices dropped so low, much of what was great machinery got scrapped out in a hurry.  Huge metal stamping presses that would now be worth millions were simple scrapped for the metal.  Even perfectly good CNC machines were tossed aside.

Of course, now there is a high demand because the economy has recovered to a large extent.  This equaled a huge demand for used machines, but very little inventory.  Add to that, everybody had tightened there purse strings.  Business owners simply didn’t want to spend as much on machines.  There’s the rub right there.  Used dealers still need to make there cut, inventory is scarce and buyers don’t want to pay much.  For the business owner, they are often better off simply snatching up the machine if it’s the right fit.  Otherwise, they may miss out entirely and someone else will buy.

This really became evident with metal stamping presses.  The used selection is so low, that if one finds the right size and capacity, then they need to jump on it.  I can’t count the amount of times I’ve seen businesses loose out on the perfect machine by being penny wise and dollar foolish.  You can find used presses for sale here: http://goo.gl/4A5qPx